nD-PointCloud Consortium meetings

Meeting 1 (15 nov'21):
  1. Peter van Oosterom, nD-PointCloud continuous level representation for spatio-temporal phenomena in Open Point Cloud Maps.
  2. Markus Schuetz, New point cloud visualization developments.
  3. Haicheng Liu, PhD research on nD point cloud data management.
  4. Vitali Diaz Mercado, Spatio-temporal characterization of drought.
  5. Niels Drost, Netherlands eScience Center - National centre for innovative software solutions in academic research.
Meeting 2 (23 jan'23):
  1. Martijn Meijers, Storing SFC-based point clouds with cLoI and offering access via an octree-webservice.
  2. Rod Thompson, nD Convex Polytopes for Point Cloud Query.
  3. Thijs van Lankveld, nD PointClouds - cLoI values & COPC in potree.
  4. Sander Vos, Introduction to the spatio-temporal point cloud data of CoastScan.
  5. Vitali Diaz Mercado, Data cleaning CoastScan data & Change detection in spatio-temporal point clouds.
  6. Edward Verbree, Point Clouds in Education - MSc Geomatics / MSc GIMA.
  7. Markus Schuetz, CUDA-accelerated LOD Generation.
  8. Nauman Ahmed, Using the Delft Blue supercomputer for processing massive point clouds.
  9. Willem Jan Vierbergen, Exploring the latest developments in point cloud applications in ArcGIS.
  10. Peter van Oosterom, Plans for second year of the nD-PointClouds project.
Meeting 3 (30 oct'23):
  1. Thijs van Lankveld, Conversion of LAS/LAZ to VPC: JSON & COPC.
  2. Nauman Ahmed, Using DelftBlue supercomputer for AHN conversion to potree.
  3. Martijn Meijers, Storing and querying nD-PointCloudsin Apache Parquet.
  4. Vitali Diaz Mercado, Quality analysis of point cloud change detect algorithms & SFC-based ultra-fast change detection.
  5. Yoran Mandema (Bastiaan Hofsteenge), Medical applications of point clouds.
  6. Roderik Lindenbergh, Coastal change from 4D point cloud data.
  7. Martin Kodde, Point Clouds as a Base Layer.
  8. Fedor Baart (Maarten Pronk), Spatio-temporal point clouds in water management.